OPAL Online Paper No. 12/2013

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National Parliaments after Lisbon: Administrations on the Rise?


Anna-Lena Högenauer & Christine Neuhold


Abstract: In the wake of the Lisbon Treaty, much of the academic debate on national parliaments (NPs) in EU politics has focused on the new powers of NPs and the potential for the politicization and parliamentarization of EU politics. In the process, the role of administrators in the parliamentary control of EU affairs has been neglected. By contrast, this paper argues that the strengthening of NPs has in fact gone hand in hand with a strengthening of the role of parliamentary administrators owing to the increased demand for information and expertise that are prevalent due to the Lisbon provisions. After reviewing the most important provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon on national parliaments, the paper discusses the roles of parliamentary administrations in the scrutiny of EU affairs and the exercise of political oversight over their activities. The concluding section discusses the extent to which the Treaty of Lisbon can be said to have triggered a rise of parliamentary administrations.


OPAL Online Paper No. 12/2013
ISBN: 978-94-91704-02-4


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