Annual Reports

The PADEMIA  Reports collect insights from research and teaching from PADEMIA member institutions in order to signal the main topics, questions and challenges in European parliamentarism. Based on contributions by member institutions from all countries involved in the network, the annual reports provide an overview of the state of the art in the field with broad geographical coverage. For the Annual Reports, the project partners answered three specific questions:

1) What is the subject’s role in your teaching in the reporting period?
2) What is the subject’s role in your research in the reporting period?
3) Your personal assessment and all other aspects you consider important.


The annual reports will be structured along these three questions.


We hope you enjoy reading the reports. For questions and remarks, please contact Alexander Hoppe.


– First Annual Report [click here]


– Second Annual Report [click here]


– Third Annual Report (2016) [click here]



– FINAL PROJECT REPORT – Public Part [click here]