Online Papers on Parliamentary Democracy I/2014


Scrutiny of the European Comission’s legislative proposals by national parliaments – example of COM(2012)10 on data protection in cooperation in criminal matters


Agnieszka Grzelak


Abstract: The general aim of this paper is to look at the effectiveness of scrutiny of the European Commission’s legislative proposals by national parliaments. The main idea is not to discuss theoretical background, but to analyze the process from a national parliament’s point of view. The first section of the paper discusses the choice of the 2012 proposal for a Directive on data protection in cooperation in criminal matters: COM(2012)10 has been selected for its significance as being part of a wider reform of the EU personal data protection system and influencing the rights and obligations of an individual citizen. The following section, being the core of the paper, consists of an analysis of the different ways in which national parliaments can respond to a legislative proposal, including formal and informal channels (political dialogue), and how effective these ways are. The last part focuses on whether and to what extent experts can stimulate or improve parliamentary scrutiny and what are the possible reasons for MPs’ disinterest in the Commission’s proposals.


Online Papers on Parliamentary Democracy I/2014

ISBN: 978-94-91704-08-6



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