PADEMIA PhD School: “Parliamentary Accountability in the EU: An Emergent Multilevel System or a Mixed Bag?”

Date:  Wednesday, 1st June – Friday, 3rd June, 2016
Place: Dublin (Ireland)
Contacts: James CrossGavin BarrettBrigid Laffan


Additional Information:

Parliaments play central roles in European political systems at both the national and supranational level. At the national level, they bring together the democratically elected representative of the people, who to a greater or lesser degree seek to represent the interests of their constituents. At the supranational level, with the Lisbon treaty, the European Parliament has cemented itself as a central decision-making institution of the European Union. At both levels, Parliaments have a significant hand in legislating, budget making, and legitimating the policy-making processes. Recent challenges such as the economic and refugee crises, the rise of Euroscepticism and extremist nationalist parties, and the emergence of conflicts of varying intensity close to EU borders have reinforced the idea that European Parliaments, now more than ever, need to legitimate their work and attempt to address the policy challenges faced by Europe. This PhD School seeks to investigate how they might do so, and the manner in which Parliaments connect with and represent the citizens of Europe at the national and supranational levels.


Find more information and the call for papers here… (deadline: April 1st, 2016)


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